We love our work

Ecoaction GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of consumer healthcare products.

Our products are made for all people who want to place a high value on well-being . A major part of our product range consists of organic and or fairly manufactured goods.

We at ecoaction are constantly looking for new ideas for exciting and unusual products in different categories.

Ecoaction all our products go through extensive internal and external quality controls.

A large part has been examined by the TÜV or other independent testing laboratories.

We are aware of our responsibility towards nature and man. In addition to environmental protection we are especially close to the working and living conditions of the countries of origin of our raw materials. Therefore, we mainly use fair trade as our standard for sourcing ingredients.

Our manufacturing of products, place environmental concerns at the heart of what we do, pollution controls and minmimal waste are involved in all of our processes

We manufacture in Germany and neighbouring countries.